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Everything You Need to Know About the HCG Diet

The HCG diet seems to be trending for quite some time already in the world of diet and fitness. There is just something enticing about the HCG diet as it is that effective in enabling the person to lose between 1 and 2 pounds each day that they follow this diet. What even sets apart the HCG diet is the fact that you will never feel hungry while on this diet plan. But still, since the HCG diet is an extreme diet measure, you have to get the advice from the health professionals before you start embarking on the journey as you might be endangering your life. When you intend to enhance your knowledge about the HCG diet, this article will tell you everything you need to know and more about the matter.

So, what is HCG?
The hormone that is present in high levels during the early stage of pregnancy is what you call the HCG or the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. In point of fact, this particular hormone is the marker that you can easily find among pregnancy tests that are taken at home. You will even notice that HCG is being used as a hormone to be treating some fertility concerns that both women and men have. On the other hand, when you also have high HCG levels in your blood, this could mean that you might be suffering from symptoms of various cancer types with the likes of ovarian, testicular, as well as placental cancer.

Using HCG as a diet tool was only proposed in the year 1954 by Albert Simeons, a British doctor. There are two major components that are part of this HCG diet that he has proposed. The first one being you have to take a diet low in calories where per day, you must only consume 500 calories. The second component is mixing the HCG hormone bacteriostatic water and then injecting it to the person.

In the present, you can get HCG products in the form of sprays, pellets, as well as oral drops. You can even get them easily now from various retail stores as well as online stores.

What happens to HCG in your body?
For women, this hormone is produced in large quantities when they are pregnant. They help in controlling the production of other hormones in the body such as estrogen and progesterone. You can expect the HCG levels to go down then after three months.

Can you lose weight with the HCG diet?
With following the HCG diet, you will be able to lose a lot of fats and then get a good increase of your metabolism while making sure that you do not go hungry. Truly, being given HCG in your body and then consuming food low in calorie will really help you lose the extra pounds in your body that fast.

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