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The Many Different Housing Options for the Elderly

Older people are sometimes left with no choice but to be transferred to a senior facilities where they live with other seniors for the rest of their lives. Most older people want to stay in their own comfortable homes. or if not, at least in the same neighborhood. When you children have all let the home, it will be very impractical for your to live by yourself, if you are already widowed or a widower, in your big house. The maintenance and upkeep of this house is difficult not only financially but physically as well. And, you also don’t want to live in a retirement house.

What, then, are the best options for seniors who still want to live in their own homes when their children leave to be on their own? If you are a senior and you don’t want to live in a structured facility, then there are some options for you.

Today, there are manufactured mobile homes that are very attractive for older people. They are very affordable, energy efficient, spacious and really designed for seniors. They utilize universal design features. They can also be assembled near or on your family property or moved to the senior mobile home community.

Seniors can also live in homes in cooperatives found in urban areas. These are owned homes which give the benefit of convenience and efficiency of multi-family housing. The idea is appealing to those who want to have their own home but don’t want to be isolated in a large house.

Condominiums for senior citizens is another option for their housing. Seniors will have many benefits if they live in a condominium. Single family homes and apartments are nothing like a condo. You hold title to your own living unit and you share ownership of your common area.

You can also consider accessory apartments if you house is too large and the utility bills and maintenance are too much. A private living unit in an extra space of a single family house is an accessory apartment.

Because of the lack of senior housing, home matching programs are also getting popular. Senior matching services are available where you they can match you as a roommate to another senior. Here someone can continue to live in her own home with a senior roommate that will provide companionship and friendship. Good home matching services offer counseling help in identifying needs and concerns.

If you are over 62, you can live in a retirement hotel. You can either live in a high rise hotel with landscaped gardens or concrete shoe boxes build it good locations near public transportation. Rent can include meals, and maid services, activities programs, assistance with personal grooming, and access to a chore service for a fee.

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