City Dwellers and the Economics of Owning a Car

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For some people, it might be surprising to find that some, especially those living in major metropolitan cities, don’t own a car. However, owning a car, while absolutely vital for some, may not be a consideration for others. With the public transportation available in most cities, a person can get along quite well without a car. The fact is, outside of the availability of public transportation, one of the biggest reasons why many city dwellers forgo owning a car is because of price.

Buying a Car

The cost of the average car can be a huge put-off to many people. For some, even a small economy car may simple be an expense that cannot be afforded. Given the amount of money it cost to live within a city center, it may leave little room for additional ongoing expenses like a monthly car loan payment.

Fuel Costs

While the cost of a car, new or previously owned, can be quite high, there are also the costs of operation that have to be considered. Cars will require fuel and it is always higher in price in large cities than it is in surrounding areas. With the amount of stop and start traffic a city dweller will encounter, even the most fuel efficient car won’t be at it’s most efficient when driving in and around the city.

Repair Bills

There are also the cost for insurance, which can be higher for people in the city than it would be for people in the surrounding areas. As well, there could be rather high repair and maintenance bills that a person won’t have to deal with when using public transportation.

Parking Hassles

Something that isn’t always considered is parking. Because space within a metropolitan area can be extremely limited, parking can be extremely costly. Sometime the cost for a permanent parking space can be almost as high as someone’s mortgage or monthly lease payment.

When a person considers the cost, sometimes, owning a car simply doesn’t make financial sense. If that same person moves out of the city, then a car will likely be required. The most important thing to do is look at your current situation, and choose which one is best suited for your needs and desires. To help you make a decision, a resource like is something to consider having a look at.


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