• How To Tell When It’s Time To Replace A Mattress

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    Most people spend up to one-third of every day in bed, so it is vital to have a comfortable mattress that offers the support needed to achieve the most restful sleep possible. Many consumers become accustomed to sleeping on an old bed that no longer provides the comfort they need, which often creates discomfort and a variety of side effects. The following is a look at the most common signs that indicate it is time for a new mattress and a few tips to make selecting one as straightforward as possible.

    Unusual Aches and Pain

    When a person wakes from sleeping the goal is to feel refreshed and discomfort free, but if a person notices that they wake up with stiffness or any aches and pains, it may be due to a lack of proper support. The pain is usually due to a lack of adequate spine alignment when sleeping, …

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